Books & Book Chapters

Shiv Nadar University is fully-focused to pave the path of an academic research-based legacy. Following is the listing of faculty publications in Books and Book Chapters.

M. Gopal, Digital Control and State Variable Methods: Conventional and Intelligent Control Systems, Fourth Edition 2012, Tata McGraw-Hill Publishers, New Delhi.

M. Gopal, “Modern Control System Theory”, 3rd Ed., New Delhi: New Age International Publishers, 2014; 688 pages.

M. Gopal, “Digital Control Engineering”, 2nd Ed., New Delhi: New Age International Publishers, 2014; 535 pages.

Mahesh Mungule, Rahul Deshpande, “Acing the GATE Examination-Civil Engineering”, Wiley India Pvt.Ltd (to be published in December)

B. R. Parida and W Buermann (2013), abstract booklet on “Peak Summer Vegetation Greenness Decreases Across Northern America”, Agriculture Sustainability, Food Engineering, Sustainable Environment and Biotechnological Sustainability edited by G. C. Mishra, R Singh, B.B Singh, and U Mina (2014), Excellent Publishing House, ISBN 978-9383083657