High Performance Computing Cluster (HPCC)

Shiv Nadar University is the first private University and only the fifth research institution in the country with ‘Magus’ – a High Performance Computing (HPC) cluster, designed to facilitate the computing needs of research projects and complex computing simulations undertaken by various schools of the University. With 30 TeraFlops of Theoretical Peak Performance from a total of 62 Computer Nodes some of other significant features that the Cluster includes are:


  • The Computing nodes include 2 iDataPlex Nodes having Nvidia K 10 Tesla GPGPU
  • 30 Nextscale Nodes with latest Intel Hashwell Processors.
  • 8 High Frequency Nodes with 256 GB RAM.
  • 50 TB of shared GPFS.
  • Hybrid Fast Interconnect, using Infiniband QDR(40Gbps) and FDR14(56Gbps)