Research Facilities

At Shiv Nadar University Research Excellence is achieved and cultivated through pedagogical training, perseverance and extraordinary research. Pushing the boundaries of research, the University houses state-of-the-art cutting edge research infrastructure and facilities.

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  • Photoluminescence

    Photoluminescence (PL) Spectroscopy

    Located in the Quantum Optics Laboratory, Photoluminescence spectroscopy is a non-contact, nondestructive method of probing the electronic structure of materials. In...

  • Thermal CVD

    Thermal Chemical Vapor Deposition System

    Located in the Nanocarbon and Sensor Laboratory, Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) is a chemical process, typically used for the deposition of various thin films and...

  • Thermal Evaporation System

    Thermal Evaporator

    Located in the Semiconductor Physics Laboratory in the research block, the HHV vacuum box coater is a versatile unit both for research with facilities for thermal...

  • Profilometer

    Surface Profilometer

    Located at the Surface Topography Laboratory in research block, the surface profilometer from Bruker is used for determining thickness of the deposited thin films....

  • PLD Chamber

    Pulsed Electron/Laser deposition

    Located in the Functional Oxide Materials Laboratory, the high vacuum deposition system (Make: Neosera, USA) can produce layer by layer growth of thin complex oxide...

  • Microwave Furnace

    Microwave Furnace

    Located in the High Temperature laboratory, microwave furnace is designed to work up to a maximum temperature of 1500oC. It has insulation zone constructed with...

  • HPCC

    High Performance Computing Cluster (HPCC)

    Shiv Nadar University is the first private University and only the fifth research institution in the country with ‘Magus’ – a High Performance Computing (HPC) cluster...


    CSE Cloud - Cloud Computing and Big Data Lab

    Cloud Computing and Big Data Laboratory is a Dell supported research and development laboratory in Computer Science and Engineering Department. Dell provided the...