Cutting-edge research in Malaria Biology

Dr. Ashish Gupta was awarded the INSA Medal for Young Scientist (2015) by the Indian National Science Academy the INSA Medal for Young Scientist. The award is considered to be the highest recognition of promise, creativity and excellence in a young scientist for notable research contributions in the field of Science and Technology.

Dr. Gupta is an assistant professor in the Department of Life Sciences, in the School of Natural Sciences and has done laudable work in the field of Malaria Biology. According to Dr. Gupta, his interest in research was kindled by a desire to work on Malaria and solve problems prevalent in India. His work is specific to replication aspect of Malaria which at that time was considered as a parasitic disease, capable of generating large progenies, while replicating inside the human host whose mechanism or the molecular players were not known. Dr. Gupta’ work focused on finding the molecules that are involved in the replication of Malaria virus inside the human host; and results were published in Molecular Microbiology and were well received especially by F1000 (Faculty of 1000 is a group of leading faculty members in Biology and Medicine in the world).

Before joining Shiv Nadar University in 2009, Dr. Gupta worked in Dr. Dutta’s lab at the University of Virginia to work on Breast Cancer Research. At Shiv Nadar University he has worked from a scratch to build state-of-the-art lab facility where he along with his team continue to work on Malaria and Cancer Biology. Dr. Gupta has received four external grants and three prestigious awards in a short span of two years - The Professor M. B. Mirza Award from the Indian Society for Parasitology in 2014 in Lucknow; Innovative Young Biotechnologist Award-2014 by the Department of Biotechnology (DBT), Ministry of Science & Technology, Government of India, on my proposal to work on the Malaria parasite; INSA Medal for Young Scientist-2015 by Indian National Science Academy.