Safety & Security

The sprawling fully residential campus of 286 acres of the University has the best-in-class infrastructure and facilities. University campus that is growing in numbers of residents and infrastructure - safety and security are given paramount importance.

The campus has boundary wall; security guards deployed around-the-clock to guard and control the ingress and egress. The security is intense, non-obtrusive and well connected through a portable wireless system. Additionally, areas including the main gate, inner gate (operational area surrounded by green fencing) and hostel common areas are monitored by CCTV. The Office of Administration provides a secure and environmentally conscious space on campus where residents are able to function and contribute towards the core academic mission of the University. The campus security and safety programs include HSE (Health, Safety, and Environment); campus patrols; campus-wide notification system for updates and whistle alert program besides walky-talkies and CCTV. The Administrative Department also provides identity cards including VMS (Visitor Management System) and safe parking for vehicles. The University has a strong and positive relationship in the neighborhood with the local community; administration and governing authorities. 

Amidst such safe and secure University surroundings, the cherished winged visitor is the University guest. A large and conspicuous water bird, the Cormorant with an almost primitive appearance, the long neck is often seen standing with its wings held out to dry. You can find him with his friends and family around the campus.

Emergency Contact

The following are a set of emergency contacts on campus. In case you are calling from outside the University, please dial University's base landline number followed by the respective extension. In case you are calling from within the University please dial the extension number directly.

University Base Landline number: (+91-120) – 3819 100

1A Hostel Security (Girls) 601
1B Hostel Security (Boys) 603
2A Hostel Security (Girls) 605
2B Hostel Security (Boys) 607
2C Hostel Security (Boys) 608
3A Hostel Security (Boys) 609
3B Hostel Security (Boys) 612
3C Hostel Security (Boys) 611
Security 100
Medical 102
Student Counseling 435
Help Desk 100
Anti-Ragging 221
Gender Sensitisation 738