SNU - Duke Partnership

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SNU - Duke Partnership

The Shiv Nadar University has an academic partnership with Duke University, a North Carolina – based top-ranked global research University.  The alliance has paved the way for collaboration between various Schools of Shiv Nadar University Duke University to establish a broad framework for collaborative academic program and experiential learning opportunities for the faculty and students of both Universities. Both Duke and Shiv Nadar University under the aegis of Duke’s globally renowned Talent Identification Program (TIP) collaborate on the development and implementation of educational activities for academically talented students in India.


The Dean's Seminar

The Dean’s Seminar series is one of the four programs within this partnership that allows faculty and students from both the Universities to visit each other’s campuses, share and collaborate on research on specific issues and topics. The first series was initiated in October 2014.  The faculty and students from both the Universities met in Durham, North Carolina on October 11 – 12, 2014 to explore the theme of Urbanization.  The seminar witnessed an encouraging participation from across disciplines – history, sociology, economics, and environmental studies to name a few; the research topics also varied from different world areas – India, China, USA as well as other parts of the globe.

Shiv Nadar University hosts Duke TIP

The Shiv Nadar University and the Duke University Talent Identification Program (Duke TIP) have collaborated to establish ‘Center for Gifted Education’ under the aegis of the School of Education at Shiv Nadar University, dedicated to support the identification and enrichment of India’s academically - gifted students by designing and implementing specific programs for gifted students as well as for educators, and conducting research in the area.  Duke TIP and Shiv Nadar University envision that the collaboration will leverage the collective organizational strengths to meet this need.

Undergraduate Internship Program

There is an undergraduate internship program for Duke Students at the VidyaGyan academy in India.

Teacher-in-Training Exchange

Ten student - teachers in Duke’s Teacher Preparation Program, both at the elementary and secondary level, participated in a teacher exchange program in January 2014, in New Delhi, India and explored many schools and sights. The program entailed a visit to Shiv Nadar University and schools in the areas to explore education in India from pre – primary stages to the university level.  This was to enable the visiting delegate to take the understanding, experience, and awareness from India back to the classrooms in Durham.

Interdisciplinary Research Collaboration

Shiv Nadar University, Trinity College of Arts and Sciences, Duke University & Duke Global Health Institute

The Shiv Nadar University (SNU), Trinity College of Arts and Sciences, Duke University, and Duke Global Health Institute (DGHI), have collaborated to do joint research and build collaborative interdisciplinary research between Duke and Shiv Nadar University investigators. Some of the thematic areas of the research have been - environmental issues (especially the overlap between environmental issues and health); chronic disease (e.g. cancer, CVD, diabetes, hypertension); mental Health; emerging infections; global pandemic and resistant drugs; aging; urbanization and public health challenges; access to health care; education and public health; gender and public health concerns.

Role of Cell Wall Hydrolases in Biofilm Formation of Staphylococcus aureus

Most bacteria in the environment are found as complex matrix enclosed aggregates known as biofilms. A better understanding of the physiological role of this would help in designing better strategies to combat biofilm mediated disease.

Dr. Richa Priyadarshini

Project Investigator [SNU]

Dr. Vance Fowler

Project Investigator [Duke]

SNU-Duke Global Writing Partnerships & Cross-Cultural Exchanges

As a high-impact practice, writing hinges on critical thinking and ethical reasoning, and enables students and faculty to conduct, analyze, and disseminate research.

Dr. Anannya Dasgupta

Project Investigator [SNU]

Dr. Denis Comer

Project Investigator [Duke]

Development of Composite Ceramic – Silver & Red Mud Water Filters to Control Biological & Arsenic Contamination in Drinking Water

Low cost technologies to monitor, treat, and/or prevent water contamination are critical means to improve the health of billions of people in less developed countries.

Dr. Susanta Sinha Roy

Project Investigator [SNU]

Dr. Marc Deshusses

Project Investigator [Duke]

Safe Spaces for Women to be Physically Active in Greater Noida City: A Mixed Method Approach

To create an interactive map of places for physical activity in Greater Noida City, and to overlay safety perceptions of women onto that map.

Dr. Neha Pagidipati

Project Investigator [Duke]

Dr. Prasad Pathak

Project Investigator [SNU]